2001-2004 Ford Taurus WATER IN THE BLOWER CASE


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Download FORD: 2001-2004 Taurus MERCURY: 2001-2004 Sable. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Access blower motor and resistor per the Workshop Manual Sections 412-02 and 412-04. Inspect for evidence of water/corrosion. If water/corrosion are found or parts have failed, replace per Workshop Manual (blower motor 1F1Z-19805-AA and resistor F6DZ-19A706-AA). 2. Visually inspect the Cowl Vent Screen located under the RH windshield wiper to verify if the Figure 1 – Article 04-15-3 screen is fully seated. Inspect the rubber seal on the vent screen which should be fully seated 5. Locate the tape as shown (Figure 2). Remove against the windshield. If the cowl vent screen the tape and apply Clear Silicone Rubber is not fully seated and appears warped, it must TA-32 to the small hole as shown (Figure 2). be replaced (4F1Z-54018A16-BAA). 6. Install the Rain-Hat Extension Seal or Shed Lip Seal 4F1Z-54022A54-AA to the outboard edge of the rain-hat (see Figure 2 for installation). The 10 mm by 10 mm (0.5? by 0.5?) cut area, located 25 mm (1?) from the end of the seal, will face down and locate at the 90 degree bend of the rain-hat on the fender side (Figure 3).

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