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Download EDELBROCK NITROUS SYSTEMS 2000 & LATER FORD FOCUS ZETEC PERFORMER EFI SERIES NITROUS SYSTEM Part Number 70408 INSTALLATION AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS. Nitrous Bottle Installation After you have determined the location and orientation of the nitrous bottle, use the procedure to install the bottle: Street Car Installations 1. Disconnect vehicle’s battery. 2. Determine the location of the bottle within the confines of the rear of the vehicle. 3. Once a mounting location has been determined, raise the vehicle (f safety practices involved in working on a vehicle from under the vehicle) and verify fuel tank(s), brake lines, emissions equipment, or structural members in the way of potential mounting bolt locations. : It may be necessary to remove the fuel tank depending on the location 4. Install the rubber insulators within the bottle brackets. 5. Slip bottle into the mounting brackets. 6. Using the mounting bracket bolt holes as templates, mark an area for each of the brackets with chalk, metal marking pen, scribe, or marking pen to locate the bolt 7. Wearing your safety glasses, drill two (2) 3/8″ mounting holes for each bracket. 8. If heater blanket is used, brackets must be installed 8 1/2 inches apart from each 9. Install the bottle mounting brackets using “Grade 8″ bolts, nuts included with kit). Use fender washer underneath the vehicle for sheet metal 10. Tighten the mounting bolts using a thread locking compound (not included with kit). 11. Mock up Safety Blowdown tube on bottle to find where tube will go through floor. 12. Mark floor where tube appears it will go. 13. Wearing your safety glasses, use a 1/2″ drill bit and drill through 14. Install Safety Blowdown tube on bottle and cut off excess tube so that only 1 to 2 inches are protruding below floor. Shown here is a bottle with a bottle bracket properly installed with the rubber insulator. The distance between the bottle brackets is somewhat adjustable. Remember, mount the short bottle bracket at least 1″ from the bottom of the bracket, and never cov of the bottle label with a bottle bracket. attempt to install the bottle in the bracket without the rubber insulator. The bottle hoop on the bracket is dimensioned to include the thickness of the 2.4.2 Race Car Nitrous Bottle Installations Install the bottle brackets in accordance to race track and/or sanctioning body rules. Contact the factory for assistance with meeting sanctioning body rules. Nitrous Bottle Installations For Vehicles With Hatchbacks Or Trunk Areas That Are Connected With The Passenger

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