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Download A ½ gallon air tank is supplied to speed up the actuation of your Pacbrake and provide an air source for limited accessory use. Also provided is a 5-in-1 inline inflation/deflation kit that includes a 25′ coiled air hose and accessories within a zippered storage bag (zippered storage bag not shown in photo). Please note: The air compressor has a 33% duty cycle, this is well above the exhaust brakes requirement. Caution must be exercised when using the compressor and inflation kit for other uses. Please consider the air compressors duty cycle when continually in use for more then 3 minutes, failure to do so may allow the air compressor or hoses to overheat causing failure. 1 Prior to starting the installation, check both exhaust manifolds and exhaust bellows for exhaust leaks. If exhaust leaks exist they should be repaired prior to installing the exhaust brake. Disconnect both negative battery terminals first. Then disconnect both positive battery leads.
INLINE MOUNT – FORD 7.3L INSTALLATION MANUAL – L6009 PG. 3 ExHAUST BRAKE INSTALLATION 2 With the exhaust brake on the bench, loosely attach the exhaust pipe adapters provided, then make a measurement to determine the length of vehicle exhaust pipe to be removed. The adapters are expanded to slide over the existing exhaust pipe. Consider this in your measurement. 3 Select a location in the exhaust system that has sufficient clearance for installation and servicing of the exhaust brake. This location should be as close to the turbocharger as possible and away from dirt and road spray. Transfer the brake/adapter mea- surement, attained in step 2, to this location and mark the exhaust pipe. Remove the exhaust pipe and cut out the pre-marked section. NOTE: In some cases, the cutting and welding of exhaust systems can be done without removing the pipe sections from the vehicle. 4 Loosely re-install the exhaust system into the chas- sis to fit the exhaust brake assembly. Make sure the header pipe flange is aligned correctly with the turbocharger outlet flange in order to ensure a leak free connection. Install the 90 degree fitting pro- vided into the air cylinder with the inlet port pointing forward. Apply thread sealant to prevent air leaks.

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