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Download 2001 Dodge Dakota 2001 ACCESSORIES & EQUIPMENT’ ‘Body Control Modules – Dakota & Durango. CENTRAL TIMER MODULE Central Timer Module (CTM) communicates with other modules over Programmable Communication Interface (PCI) bus network. PCI bus is a single wire multiplexed network capable of supporting binary encoded messages shared between multiple modules. Modules are wired in parallel. Messages are addressed to only be recognized by the module(s) in which the message was intended. This reduces the complexity of vehicle wiring and size of wiring harness. CTM fault messages are accessed through 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC) using Chrysler’s Diagnostic Readout Box (DRBIII(R)) scan tool, or generic scan tool. CTM controls and supports the following features (if equipped). z Battery Saver Functions For Interior & Exterior Lighting z Cargo Lighting z Central Locking & Vehicle Theft Alarm (VTSS) z Chime Warning z Courtesy & Dome Lighting z Dome Lighting Defeat z Door Ajar Switch Status z Door Lock Inhibit z Driver Door Unlock z Enhanced Accident Response z Fog Lights z Headlights & Headlight Time Delay z Intermittent & Speed Sensitive Intermittent Wiper Controls z Optical Horn z Parking Lights z Power Door Locks & Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) z Remote Radio z Rolling (Automatic) Door Locks. BUS +/- Signals Open Or No Response From Central Timer Module 1. Connect scan tool to Data Link Connector (DLC), under lower left side of instrument panel. Turn ignition on. Using scan tool, attempt to communicate with Air Bag Control Module (ACM) and Controller Antilock Brake (CAB) module. If scan tool is able to identify or communicate with ACM and CAB, go to next step. If scan tool is not able to identify or communicate with ACM and/or CAB, perform appropriate DTC or symptom test. See DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE IDENTIFICATION and SYMPTOM IDENTIFICATION tables under SELF-DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM. 2. Turn ignition off. Disconnect Gray 26-pin Central Timer Module (CTM) connector C1. CTM is located behind left side kick panel. Ensure interior lights are off. Using DVOM, measure resistance between ground and Gray 26-pin CTM connector C1 terminals No. 1 and 16 (Black/Light Green wires) and No. 2 (Black wire). See Fig. 5 . If resistance is 10 ohms or less on each ground circuit, go to next step. If resistance is more than 10 ohms on any ground circuit, check for an open between appropriate CTM connector terminal and ground. See GROUND DISTRIBUTION article in WIRING DIAGRAMS. Repair as necessary. 3. Disconnect Gray 12-pin CTM connector C3. Using test light connected to ground, probe Gray 12-pin CTM connector C3 terminals No. 1 (Red/Tan wire) and No. 6 (Red/Light Green wire). See Fig. 8 . If test light illuminates on both circuits, go to next step. If test light does not illuminate on both circuits, check for open in appropriate circuit between power distribution center and CTM. See POWER DISTRIBUTION article in WIRING DIAGRAMS. Repair as necessary.

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