2002 Chrysler 300M Special GEAR SHIFT CABLE – FLOOR / REMOVAL


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Download 2002 Chrysler 300M Special V6-3.5L VIN G Vehicle Level Transmission and Drivetrain Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Shift Linkage Shift Cable Service and Repair Floor Shift. 42LE – Automatic Transmission GEAR SHIFT CABLE – FLOOR / REMOVAL 1. Using suitable size allen wrench, remove the shift handle retaining screw (Fig. 251). 2. Remove shift handle from shifter assy. 3. Remove console bezel from vehicle. 4. Loosen nut on shift cable adjust lever (Fig. 252) 5. Remove retaining clip from shift cable conduit bracket (Fig. 253). 6. Disconnect shifter cable from cable attach stud (pin) (Fig. 253). 7. Remove cable from center console routing. Leave flat on floor for ease of removal. 8. Raise hood. Remove gearshift cable from throttle/gearshift cable bracket (Fig. 254) 9. Unseat cable grommet at firewall and remove cable from interior of vehicle (Fig. 255). 10. Raise vehicle on hoist and disconnect fill tube bracket from transaxle. Rotate fill tube to gain access to shift cable clamp. 11. Remove cable from routing bracket (Fig. 256) 12. Remove cable-to-transaxle nut and slide cable off of stud (Fig. 255). 13. Disconnect shifter cable from shift lever assembly at transaxle (Fig. 255). 14. Remove cable from underneath vehicle. INSTALLATION 1. Make sure transaxle shift lever is in “Park.” This is the most rearward position. Verify park sprag is fully engaged by rotating either a tire or an axle shaft . 2. Position cable in vehicle and connect cable end to the transaxle shift lever (Fig. 255). 3. Verify that the washer (Fig. 255) is still in place on the cable mounting stud. Install cable to transaxle and tighten nut to 28 Nm (250 inch lbs.). 4. Rotate fill tube to original location. Install and tighten fill tube bracket bolt. 5. Install cable “push pin” into bracket as shown in (Fig. 254). 6. Route transaxle shift cable through hole in dash panel (Fig. 255) (Fig. 257). 7. Lubricate cable grommet with a synthetic lubricant (or equivalent) and secure to hole. Verify that it is seated by gently pulling outward on cable. 8. Install cable into throttle/gearshift cable bracket (Fig. 254). 9. Inside the vehicle, route the gearshift cable between the left a/c duct and the left lower heat duct (Fig. 257) and towards the gearshift mechanism. 10. Route cable through hole in shifter conduit bracket and attach to cable attaching shift pin by snapping into place (Fig. 253). 11. Install a new clip onto the cable at the shifter bracket (Fig. 253). 12. Tighten the adjuster nut (Fig. 252) 13. Reinstall console bezel and shifter handle. Firmly press the shifter handle downward and tighten the screw (Fig. 251). 14. Check shifter for proper operation. It should operate smoothly without binding. The starter should crank in Park or Neutral only.

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