2010-2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part Number 250-243 Installation Instructions


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Download 1. Disconnect the positive battery cable. Make sure it does not touch any metal! Remove the oil fill cap and then lift up on the front of the engine beauty cover to remove it from the vehicle. Replace the oil cap for now to make sure nothing falls into the crankcase during the install. 2. Pull the crankcase breather hose out of the air intake tube using a firm tug. An O-ring is all that keeps it attached to the tube. Push the small tab on the hard plastic crankcase breather hose on top of the passenger side rocker cover to release it from the steel breather line. Remove it from the vehicle. Next loosen the hose clamp that secures the air intake tube to the throttle body. 3. Using a deep 10mm socket, remove and save the two nuts that secure the factory airbox to the fender well. Using a 9/32″ wrench or a #20 Torx bit, remove the two screws that secure the M ass A ir F low ( MAF ) sensor into the air intake tube. Without disconnecting the MAF, carefully remove it from the tube and set it out of the way on top of the engine. 4. Lift the complete air intake assembly straight up and out of the vehicle. 5. Use caution not to lose the factory grommet when you remove the air intake assembly. It will be needed if you ever want to reinstall the factory intake assembly. 6. Squeeze the sides of the factory intake scoop and remove it from the factory airbox. It will be reused in step #10. 7. Remove the two steel inserts, and grommets from the factory airbox. Save these pieces, they will be reused in step #8. 8. Reinstall the two steel sleeves and grommets into the Airaid C old A ir B ox ( CAB ) (#3). Next install the filter adapter (#4) into the CAB as shown using three 1/4-20 button head bolts (#9), and 1/4″ flat washers (#11). Refer to the line drawing above for details.

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