2003 Chevy Truck TrailBlazer Service and Repair


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Download Transmission Oil Cooler Line Quick Connect Fitting Removal Procedure Important: The front and rear sections of the cooler lines can be serviced separately. Refer to the appropriate steps when servicing individual lines. Perform the following procedure when removing the cooler lines from the quick connect fittings. 1. Pull the plastic cap back from the quick connect fining and down along the cooler line about 5 cm (2 inch) . 2. Using a bent-tip screwdriver, pull on one of the open ends of the retaining ring in order to rotate the retaining ring around the quick connect fining until the retaining ring is out of position and can be completely removed. 3. Remove the retaining ring from the quick connect fitting. 4. Discard the retaining ring. 5. Pull the cooler line straight out from the quick connect fitting. Installation Procedure Important: * Do not reuse any of existing fittings if there is excessive corrosion. * Do not reuse any of the existing retaining rings that were removed from the existing quick connect fittings. All retaining rings being installed must be new. * Ensure the following procedures are performed when installing the new retaining rings onto the fittings. 1. Install a new retaining ring (E-clip) into the quick connect fining using the following procedure: 2. Hook one of the open ends of the retaining ring in one of the slots in the quick connect fining. 3. Rotate the retaining ring around the fining until the retaining ring is positioned with all three ears through the three slots on the fining. 4. Do not install the new retaining ring onto the fining by pushing the retaining ring.

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