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Download 2000 Cadillac Catera V6-3.0L VIN R Timing Belt: Service and Repair Timing Belt Replacement. Removal Procedure ^ Tools Required -J 42069 Timing Belt Alignment Kit -J 42098 Crank Hub Torx Socket Notice: Failure to follow the described timing belt inspection and maintenance may result in a broken timing belt and cause severe engine damage. 1.Inspect the cold start counter (also called a heavy duty register) with a scan tool. If there are any cold starts (below -28° C or -20° F) visually inspect the timing belt for cracks. It cracks are noted, do not reuse the belt. Replace the belt and clear the cold start counter. If the belt is okay, and is reused, do not clear the cold start counter. 2.Remove the intake air resonator. Refer to Intake Air Resonator Replacement in Powertrain Management. 3.Remove the intake plenum. Refer to Intake Plenum Replacement. 4.Remove the timing belt cover. Refer to Timing Belt Cover Replacement. 5.Remove the crankshaft balancer bolts. 6.Remove the crankshaft balancer from the crankshaft sprocket. 7.Rotate the crankshaft clockwise to 60 degrees Before Top Dead Center (BTDC). 8.Install the J 42069-10 to the crankshaft sprocket with the knurled bolt. 9.Use the J 42098 to carefully turn the crankshaft in the engine rotational direction (clockwise) until the lever of the J 42069-10 firmly contacts the water pump pulley flange. 10.Secure the moveable lever of the tool to the water pump pulley flange. Important: Ensure that the crankshaft is not 180 degrees off TDC. The reference marks on the camshaft gears should be aligned with the corresponding notches on the rear timing belt cover at this point. If they are not aligned, the engine is 180 degrees off. 11.Install the J 42069-1 and the J 42069-2 to the camshaft gears. If the J 42069-1 or the J 42069-2 do not fit into the teeth of the camshaft gears, it may be necessary to loosen the relevant timing belt idler pulley and turn the cam until the J 42069-1 or the J 42069-2 can be inserted. Notice: After timing belt is removed, never turn camshaft and crankshaft independently. If turned, interference may occur among pistons and valves, and parts related to pistons and valves may be damaged. 12.Loosen the timing belt tensioner and idler pulleys. Important: Do not remove J 42069-1 and the J 42069-2 while the belt is removed. 13.Remove the timing belt. Installation and Initial Adjustment Procedure ^ Tools Required -J 42069 Timing Belt Alignment Kit -J 42098 Crank Hub Torx Socket. 1.Remove the J 42069. 2.Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Vehicle Lifting. 3.Start at the crankshaft sprocket and install the timing belt with the double dash (TDC) mark on the belt aligned with the marks on the oil pump and on the belt drive gear. 4.Use the J 42069-30 to pinch the belt to prevent the teeth from jumping. 5.Lower the vehicle.

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