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Download The AUD-AUX will convert the CD changer port in 1998-2005 Audi vehicles that are pre- wired with a 13-pin connector to an auxiliary input. (Not compatible with factory 8-pin connector in rear of the vehicle). With this adapter installed you can connect any auxiliary audio source to the Audi Concert, Concert II, Symphony, Symphony II (6-disc in-dash) radios. INSTALLATION Note: Audi radios are code protected. Verify that the code is available before disconnecting battery 1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. 2. Locate the factory data cable. 3. Plug the factory data cable into the 13-pin female DIN plug of the AUD-AUX. NOTE : Vehicles that have the factory CD changer will need to have the changer disconnected from the vehicle harness in order to plug the AUD-AUX. 4. Plug in male RCAs to auxiliary device. 5. Reconnect the negative battery terminal. VERIFY OPERATION 1. With radio on, activate auxiliary device. 2. Press “CD” on radio to gain access to auxiliary audio input. 3. Display on radio will show CD1 TRACK 1 and audio of auxiliary device will be heard. 4. Adjust volume levels on auxiliary device. (If applicable)

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