Audi A6 spec.dock iPod Solution Installation Instructions


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Download removing the OEM ashtray insert from the ashtray carrier, exposing the two Torx T-20 screws in the base of the ashtray carrier. Remove these two screws and set aside. Using only your fingers, gently pull on the bottom edge of the climate control panel to release it, then work your way around the sides to the top to completely free the climate controls. Remove them from the dash completely by disconnecting the plugs on the back of the unit shown here. Once the climate controls are disconnected, do not turn on the vehicle ignition until they have been reconnected! Doing so will cause the airbag light to come on and stay on until reset. Next, using only your fingers again, pull down gently on the plastic trim panel located under the climate controls you just removed. This piece will snap down and then slide toward you. Set aside. Insert a small flathead screwdriver into the notch at the front edge of the ashtray carrier, and pry up gently to unsnap the front edge. Be very careful not to mar the console trim while doing this. It should take very little pressure to release the clips. Then, simply use your fingers to lift the ashtray carrier up and out of the console as shown. There is one electrical connector on the bottom side of the ashtray carrier. Disconnect it to completely remove the ashtray carrier from the car. Looking down into the ashtray carrier from above, you will notice a rectangular opening in the center as pictured. Run the male end of the cable emanating from the spec.dock through this hole while the ashtray carrier is free from the console. Now, route the male end of the spec.dock cable under the support structure for the ashtray carrier, into the climate control opening and out the side of the center console into the passenger footwell as shown.

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