Audi A4 Transmission Mount Installation Overview


Filed Under (Audi) by Doe Namblas on 01-01-2014

Download Tools Needed Floor Jack Jack Stands 13mm socket 16mm socket 17mm socket 16mm wrench 17mm wrench 10mm wrench Ratchet Blue loctite (optional) Step 1 Raise the car and secure it with jack stands. Never work under a car supported only by a hydraulic floor jack. Check your owner’s manual for proper placement of floor jacks and jack stands. Step 2 Identify the transmission mount. Some cars will have 1 while most will have 2. They are located just outboard from the transmission near the drive axles. Step 3 Carefully use a floor jack to support the transmission in position and prevent it from shifting positions. Step 4 Using a 13mm socket, remove the 2 side bolts. Depending on your specific model, there may be a heat shield around the mount which will need to be moved. These heat shields are held in place with small bolts, and can be removed with a 10mm wrench. With the heat shields moved out of the way, using a 16mm socket and wrench, remove the main center bolt and nut. Step 5 With the center bolt removed, use the floor jack and gently lift the transmission until the mount is free to slide out. Step 6 Make sure the Stern mount is assembled as shown below, then position it in place of the original mount. The supplied large round zinc plate will rest on top of the polyurethane. Reuse the factory washer on top of the transmission bracket and lightly fasten the center bolt to the transmission mount. You can now remove the support under the transmission. Apply loctite to the smaller flange bolts and tighten then to 25Nm (18ft-lb). Step 7 Once you have the mount loosely fitted, start the vehicle and let the car idle momentarily. After shutting the car off, tighten the main center bolt of the transmission mount to 45Nm (33ft-lb). If you’re installing 2 mounts on the vehicle, it’s recommended that you install both mounts together at the same time. Congratulations on completing the installation!

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