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Download 1. Be sure that the vehicle is parked on level concrete and the parking brake is on. 2. Place stops in front of and behind rear tires. 3. Consult owner’s manual for proper lifting and wheel removal procedures before lifting front of vehicle. 4. Place jack stands under vehicle for added stabil- ity. 5. Remove wheel. 6.Place a brake line clamp on the brake line. This will minimize brake fl uid loss. 7.Using an 11mm wrench, disconnect brake line from caliper. Be aware that brake fl uid may leak from line once disconnected. 8. Disconnect ABS sensor grommet from mounting bracket by pulling straight up. 10.Clip the section of wire between the brake pad and the plug. Be sure to leave suffi cient wire length coming from the plug in order to crimp the wires together. Strip 1/8″ of the insulation on the wires and connect them together using a wire crimp as illustrated in picture bellow. It is recommended to protect the connection by applying shrink-wrap around the wire crimp. 12.With a zip tie included in the kit, secure the plugs placement by zip tying it tightly to the ABS wire that is also running through the upright. 13.Using a deep well socket, remove the 17mm bolts on the back side of the caliper and remove caliper. 14.Remove the rotor. If the rotor seems to be stuck in place, lightly tap rotor with a rubber mallet. 15.Remove the backing plate. It is held on by three 10mm bolts. 16.Install the APR caliper mounting bracket with the fl at side facing the outside of the vehicle and tighten with a 17mm deep well socket. 17.Install the APR rotor for the corresponding side (see picture below) and test for clearance on the backside at the bottom. When checking for clearance, be sure to secure and fi rmly seat the rotor with a bolt. Occasionally there is fl ash material from the casting in the area circled in the picture to the left. If it is necessary to remove material, a hand fi le will be suffi cient. Note: There is a left and right side rotor. In order to achieve maximum performance it is recommended that the rotors be installed with the outside end of slots pointed in the wheels direction of rotation.

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