Audi A4 B6/8E 5 Speed Short Shifter Installation Manual


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Download A. Required Tools Safety Glasses (! See Warnings!) Circlip Pliers Hose Clamp Cutter Razor Blade Ratchet 3/8 or 1/4 Inch Drive Sockets Metric 3/8 or 1/4 Drive (7mm & 10mm) Extension Medium Length 3/8 or 1/4 Inch Drive 6mm Allen Key 6mm Allen Socket 2.5mm Allen key (Included in kit) T-25 Torx Driver 10mm Wrench 24mm or Adjustable Wrench. Step 1: Removal of console cover plate and shift knob. To remove the cover plate, open the ashtray and pull up on the front of the cover. Do the same for the rear of the cover by lifting from within the shift boot at the rear side. To remove the shift knob you must cut the clamp holding the shift knob we have included a new one in the kit. (! Safety glasses are required while cutting the hose clamp!) Once you have removed the clamp, pull up on the shift knob to remove it. Step 2: Removal of sound insulation foam and top cover Remove foam pieces front and rear. Remove round disc from shifter. Pull up Tunnel Insulation at front and cut with razor blade at the 12 o’clock position. Loosen and remove (2) 10mm nuts securing the top cover of the shifter box. Step 3: Removal of the shifter assembly complete with carrier. First remove the (2) 6mm Allen bolts for the shifter adjustment rods. Next loosen and remove the (4) Torx T-25 Screws securing the shifter rails. Once you have removed the screws, lift the complete assembly from the vehicle and take it to a flat work surface. Step 4: Remove Standard shift lever and Install AMS shift lever (! Safety glasses are required while removing or installing the Circlip!) Remove the Circlip that holds the shift lever ball socket to the carrier. Also, remove the washer as well. Remove the 10mm nut and bolt securing the shifter foot. Once removed pull the shift lever out of the carrier assembly. Remove the ball socket by sliding it off of the shift lever. The ball socket will be reused for the AMS shift lever.

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