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Download FOR: 2008 + Audi A4. PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING INSTALLATION 1. LOCATION ( See Diagram below ): Using masking tape, run the tape as seen in Diagram below from POINT A to POINT B. Press tape against the vehicle, making sure that the tape is straight from POINT A to POINT B. 2. CLEAN AND PREP : For proper installation of Custom Body Side Molding, clean the surface where the molding is to be installed using the alcohol pads enclosed. Wipe off excess residue with a clean cloth. Apply PRO- BOND ADHESIVE PROMOTOR in the crush swab self-applicator. Squeeze the applicator until you feel the applicator “crush”. The applicator will become wet on the end and is ready for use. Quickly apply a thin coat of PRO-BOND below the masking tape line, no further than 1 ¼” below the tape. Be careful not to go lower than 1 ¼” because PRO-BOND could dull the paint surface. The light coat of PRO-BOND will dry quickly. Where cooler temperatures prevail, make sure the molding is at room temperature. The recommended metal surface temperature of the vehicle should be at least 75°F/24°C for proper installation. If the surface is cold, use a heat gun to warm before proceeding with installation. 3. INSTALLATION : BEFORE STARTING , peel back 12″ of the red liner, removing the rest of the liner as you install . DO NOT TOUCH THE EXPOSED ADHESIVE with your fingers as the installation is being done ( NOTE : excess skin oil will affect adhesion) . Since these moldings have been pre-cut, start adhering moldings, front and rear with the angle cut edges first and the bullet side directed toward the appropriate wheel well adhered last. APPLYING THE MOLDING using the bottom edge of the masking tape as your guide, peel the rest of the red liner as you go. AFTER THE MOLDING has been installed, use a soft cloth and apply pressure along the entire length of the molding to insure proper adhesion. Remove masking tape and you will have an OEM style Custom Body Side Molding that will give you many years of protection.

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