2004 Audi S4 V8 HyperFlow V84 Induction System


Filed Under (Audi) by Doe Namblas on 15-02-2014

Download for Stratmosphere Audi S4 V8 HyperFlow V84 Induction System (for 2004+ V8 S4s) Step 1- Remove OEM induction runner The factory induction system is on the passenger front corner of the car (right side) . Shown in Figure 1. Remove the black plastic trim at the top of Fig. 1 by pulling up ( 2004 only ). Careful not to break any attachment points. To begin removal of the induction runner, remove the two Phillips head screws at the front of the car (Fig. 2). Once this is complete the runner can be pulled back toward the firewall. The accordion piece and the runner piece by the fender are both separate. Step 2- Remove OEM breather hose, begin airbox removal Loosen the hose clamp as shown in Fig. 3 and then remove the breather hose from the factory airbox. This may be a single use clamp that you must cut to remove. You will use this hose and clamp later. In Fig. 4 loosen the factory hose clamp as shown. Step 3- Continued airbox removal procedures. Loosen the two Phillips head screws on the top of the airbox as shown in Fig. 5 and remove the screws. As seen in Fig. 6 remove the evap line (top) and lower line (bottom) from their strain relief positions. You can also see the breather line disconnected in this image. Step 4- Factory airbox removal continued Using your torx T30 bit with ratchet remove the upper screw (Fig. 7) and lower screw (Fig. 8) from the system. You are getting close to being able to remove the airbox from the car. Step 5- For owners of 2005 cars and up. 2004 cars go to step 7. Fig. 9 actually shows the airbox removed and the vacuum hose that is attached is shown with the double-ended nipple removed. This is what you want to do. Remove the double-ended nipple from the hose that connects to the airbox while keeping that nipple in the hose that stays connected to the car (as shown in Fig. 10).

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