2004+ Audi A6 Video Input Module NV_AUDIA6A8


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Download 1. Before working, please make sure the vehicle power is off (please keep in mind when pulling out the key, only monitor supply would be off but whole vehicle power supply would be off 5 minutes later). 2. Starting with separating of the monitor and the connecter removed in working may causes an error code. Do not start until the work is done. 3. Please use appropriate measure of tools 4. Do not force excessively in assembling or disassembling, tightening or pulling 5. Using protecting clothes or taping around the working area, take care of scars 6. Please make sure to connect the power cable using a fuse when you use it with pulling out the power supply. System Connection Diagram LVDS IN AND OUT The NV_AUDIA6A8 unit is installed inline of the Audi’s OEM LVDS connector. The factory Audi LVDS connector that is plugged into the back of the Audi system will connect to the port labeled “LVDS IN” on the NAV VIDEO Module. Then, the LVDS cable provided with the NAV VIDEO Module will connect to the port labeled “LVDS OUT”, the other end of this cable will be plugged into where the factory Audi LVDS connector was once plugged into, at the back of the Audi system. AV1 IN Composite Video & Audio Input For Any Video Device (only video will go into the OEM navigation / multimedia system, audio is only for output switching) AV2 IN Composite Video & Audio Input For Any Video Device (only video will go into the OEM navigation / multimedia system, audio is only for output switching) AV OUT Will output the audio and video from AV1 or AV2 or AV3 depending on which is currently selected. REAR VIEW CAMERA This composite video connector will accommodate a rear video camera that features an NTSC composite output. This input is trigger-able with the “LAMP RV” wire, so when the vehicle goes into reverse, this input is displayed.

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