2004 Audi A3 Parrot MKi9000/MKi9100/MKi9200 UNIKA Installation


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Download Parrot UNIKA can work with car protocols such as CAN, KBUS or resistive systems. Installation Compatibility Car models Audi A3 : > 2004 Audi A6 : > 2004 Audi A4 : > 2004 Audi Q7 : > 2006 Audi A5 : > 2007 Audi TT : > 2006 For Parrot MKi9000 / MKi9100 / MKi9200 Parrot UNIKA : PI090020AA Parrot reference. The power supply for the UNIKA interface is taken from the power cable of the Parrot MKi. It is important to follow the color code of the power cable wires: the red wire of the kit’s cable corresponds to the permanent 12V supply; the orange wire corresponds to the ignition 12V ; the black wire is for ground ; the yellow wire corresponds to the Parrot mute output. Warning : Connect the ignition to the Parrot car kit if the vehicle is based on a resistive or a K-Bus protocol. Don’t connect the ignition if the vehicle is based on a CAN protocol. On some vehicles, the 12V power wires may be reversed, in which case you must reverse the red and orange wires of the hands-free kit’s power supply. This can easily be done by reversing the two fuse holders on the kit’s power cable. Power supply We recommend you to install the Parrot MKi before installing the UNIKA. Make sure the installation is correctly performed by checking if the «Good bye» message is displayed when you turn off the ignition. Refer to the documentation of your Parrot MKi for more information. Installation of the Parrot MKi Selecting the protocol Use the DIP switches located on one side of the UNIKA to select the protocol (resistive or CAN Bus / KBus) on which the vehicle is based. Warning: Make sure the UNIKA is not powered before selecting the protocol.

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