2000-2004 Audi TT Install Rear Control Arms


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Download Install Rear Control Arms – Audi TT ’00-’04, VW R32 ’04 Stock ride height or close to it, less than 1.5″ lowering Tools Needed: 1. 17mm lug wrench 2. 18mm open end wrench 3. 18mm socket 4. Floor jack Approximate time: 1 to 1.5 hours depending on experience. NOTE: Make sure to have an alignment done after installation. Even though the parts you just received have been put together with stock length adjustment, each car is a little different. Procedure: 1. Chalk the front wheels. 2. Jack up the rear end. 3. Remove the wheel, 17mm lug wrench. 4. Remove upper control arm bolts with a 18mm open end wrench and 18mm socket. 5. The inner control arm bolt is blocked by the sub frame bolt for the differential. Remove sub frame bolt before trying to remove the inner control arm. 6. Insert the new control arms and reuse the same bolts and nuts. 18mm socket and 18mm open end wrench. Tighten the bolts and nuts to Audi specs. 7. Put the wheel back and torque the lug nuts. 8. Now repeat on the other side. 9. CONGRATULATIONS you are finished! Enjoy. Check the tightness of the lock nuts periodically and make sure to get an alignment. Notes for Camber: This is pretty much based on personnel preference. Mild – -.50 to -.75 degrees (tires wear is minimal, although cornering speeds are reduced) Moderate – -.76 to -1 degrees (tire wear is increased but corner speeds are greater with excellent stability) Aggressive – -1 to -1.5 degrees (tire wear is severe not recommended for street use. Autocross or road racing applications only) Notes for Toe In or Toe Out: Mild – -1/16 total toe in make the car to track straight down the road with little steering input. Moderate – 0 total toe the car will take steering input to make it go straight down the road. Aggressive – +1/16 total toe out will make the car have very light steering input. Autocross or road racing applications only. Cleaning Instructions: Make sure to keep the rod ends as clean as possible. If they become dirty use denatured alcohol and scrub them with a tooth brush or clean paint brush. Let them dry and use a liberal amount of dry graphite working it into the rod end. Do not use any oil products due to the fact this will just attract more dirt.

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