2000-2002 AUDI A4 Multi Vehicle Mount MVM-45-05


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Download AUDI A4 – 2000-2002 AUDI S4 – 2000-2002 AUDI A6 – 2000-2005 AUDI-ALLROAD – 2000-2005 Mount Location: To the Right of the Radio. Multi Vehicle Mount MVM-45-05 Includes PHS-203 Ultra Slim Swivel. DASH DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION Locate the four slots on the face of the radio. Insert the Audi DIN tools in these four slots until you hear a click or lock. Note: There is a rubber seal that wraps around the radio between the radio and the dash pad. This causes the radio to sit very tightly in the cavity. To loosen this seal and allow the radio to slide out easier, we recommend using a Dash Trim Tool to wedge between both the right and left sides of the radio dash pad. Carefully wiggle the tool to loosen the radio slightly. Grasp the four DIN tools and slide the radio out of its cavity just enough to allow access to the one (1) 5/16″ hex head bolt that holds the climate control in place. Caution: Do not disconnect the radio. You will need the radio code to re-program it. Place a clean cloth over the shifter knob. Set the radio on the shifter knob so it is out of the way. Skip to Step 5 on the following page if you have not yet formed the bracket to fit your vehicle. Remove the top right 5/16″ hex head bolt that holds the climate control in place. Place the mount over the screw hole. Replace the bolt and tighten with the 5/16″ socket and driver. Carefully reinstall the dash in reverse order securing all screws and clips to the bezel. Install the included Ultra Slim Swivel #PHS-203 to your Multi Vehicle Mount or any other AMPs compatible device. Your installation is complete.

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