1999-2002 Audi S4 Rear ST-22 Big Brake Upgrade


Filed Under (Audi) by Doe Namblas on 18-01-2014

Download For a rear kit installation, block the front wheels, and release the parking brake, then break loose the lug nuts on both rear wheels before jacking up the car. Refer to the owner’s manual to identify the correct location of the jack for raising the vehicle. Jack up the vehicle, and secure it on a pair of jack stands, again referring to the owner’s manual for jack location joints. After securing the vehicle at a convenient height, remove the front wheels. To make it easier to access the brake line fittings, turn the steering either toward or away from the side that you’re working on, depending on the orientation of the caliper. If you’re installing a leading caliper, turn the steering toward the side that you’re working on, and if you’re installing a trailing caliper, turn the steering away from the side that you’re working on. This will make it easier to access the caliper bolts. Step 2 Disconnect Parking Brake Cable Grip the end of the parking brake cable, using a vise-grip or a pair of pliers. Activate the caliper lever arm, using channel-lock pliers or a clamp to reduce the tension, then remove the cable end from the lever. Remove the parking brake line retaining spring clip, using needle-nose pliers or a small flat-blade screwdriver. Slide the parking brake cable out of the caliper mounting flange.

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