1997-2002 Audi A4 Part# 04140070 Installation Instructions


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Download underdrive stock belt layout (Ultra S) Part# 0214107. Accessory pulleys (Ultra A): alternator Part# 0114307 & power steering Part# 0114407. Check that the part numbers match the part number engraved on the back of the pulleys. If the part numbers or quantity of parts do not match, do not install the pulleys and call the dealer you purchased the parts from or call our tech line direct. Installation Instructions 1997-02 Audi A4, A6 & S4 2.7T / 2.8L, 1998-02 VW Passat 2.8L w/Bosch Alternator • Notice : These instructions are not a replacement for the factory manual; factory specified tools maybe required for removal of the original parts. • Raise the hood to gain access to the engine compartment. • Perform the service position (extension of the nose). This procedure is outlined in detail within the factory manual. • Raise the front end of vehicle and secure with a jack/ safety stands. • Remove the lower engine compartment plastic shrouding. • Loosen the 8 bolts on the crankshaft pulley but do not remove yet. • Loosen the 3 bolts on the power steering pulley and the nut on the alternator pulley but do not remove yet. • Loosen and remove accessory drive belt with factory auto tensioner. • Remove the original factory crankshaft and accessory pulleys. • On the underdrive pulleys very lightly coat the bore of the alternator pulley and the rear of the crank and power steering pulleys with anti-seize compound. • Install the underdrive crankshaft pulley and tighten bolts, see torque specification below. Make sure that the crank snout edge has no burrs, if no burrs are present pulley will slip on easily and seat properly. Do not force pulley onto crankshaft, as damage to both will occur voiding the warranty. In the rare case that a pulley is tight clean crank snout (as they can get slightly rusty) with emery cloth until pulley slides on as stated. • Install the new alternator & power steering pulleys. • Install new accessory drive belt with factory auto-tensioner, see necessary new belt size below. • Re-install the remaining components in the reverse order. • Place front end into the normal position, then raise the car and remove safety stands then lower car. • The maximum HP gains will occur in 5-7 days of installation, once the computer recalibrates to take advantage of the engines lighter rotational weight. Crankshaft Pulley Bolts Torque Specification • 15 ft-lbs. / 180 in-lbs. / 20 NM New Belt Sizes (The belt sizes used may vary slightly. We recommend the use of Gates brand belts. Belt sizing can vary from belt manufacturer to belt manufacturer) • Air Conditioning, Alternator & Power Steering Belt: Use Gates K060716 (72″ or 1830MM)

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