1997-2001 Audi A4 1.8T Carbonio Intake System


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Download Step 1: Using a Phillips head (star) screwdriver remove the 2 screws holding the factory air inlet scoop. The location of these screws is marked with arrows right. Once these screws are out, the entire inlet scoop can be pulled out. At this time also pull off the plastic cover that is on top of the airbox. There are no fasteners holding it in place. Set the forward most portion of the scoop aside for later. Step 2: Using a 10mm wrench remove the bolt that attaches the airbox to the passenger side inner fender. SAVE THIS BOLT FOR LATER. Step 3 (2000-2001 Cars Only): Leading to the side of the factory airbox is a corrugated hose. Disconnect this hose by pulling it off of the airbox. Make sure that the rubber ring remains on the inside of the hose end. Step 4 (1997-1999 Cars Only): On top of the airbox is an oval shaped sensor with 2 wires leading to it. Disconnect the 2 wires by pressing on the metal tab on its connector while pulling apart. Step 5: Loosen the hose clamp that leads to the MAF sensor and separate the hose from the sensor. Step 6: On top of the airbox is a rubber cone shaped piece with a wire passing through its center. Below it is the MAF connector. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry off this cone. Once removed the MAF connector will be exposed. Disconnect it by pressing on the metal tabs on either side of the connector while pulling up. You may find that a flat-headed screwdriver will help you better reach the metal tabs. Step 7: On the side of the airbox is a metal shield. Remove this shield using a small Phillips screw driver or (as shown right) or a Phillips screwdriver tip held by a small ratchet. MAKE SURE THAT THE ENGINE IS COLD OR YOU WILL BURN YOURSELF. Step 8: Below the metal shield is a hard metal pipe that is screwed to the OEM airbox. Using the same tools as in the previous step, remove the screws that hold this pipe in place. Step 9: Pull the airbox out of the car being careful not to snag any wires or hoses on the way out.

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