1983 Audi Coupe Electric Supercharger Vortex 5PSI


Filed Under (Audi) by Doe Namblas on 10-10-2013

Download Electric Supercharger Vortex 5PSI Test Results by PerformanceChipTuning.com Vehicle: 1983 Audi coupe GT Installation type: Installation on factory OEM air box. Installation Method: The 5PSI vortex was fitted in the factory air box of the Audi. Extra tubing provided with the kit was not used. The air filter also included with the kit was not used. The charger was fitted in the factory tubing as shown below: Including with the kit is a wiring kit. As can be seen from the pictures, the fan is operated by a momentary switch mounted to the throttle body. The unit was fitted to the car, wired up to the battery, tried out then tested using a Gtech Pro performance meter, which seems to show accurate results for acceleration times and BHP at the wheels. The car was tested before and after in similar weather conditions on the same day. Gtech Pro Dyno Results The average Peak BHP at the wheels had increased from 120 to around 127. Only a small increase, but with a little development, a lot more could probably be achieved. Above are the results for the 0-60 times. Just over a second has been taken off this time! Reducing the time from the stock 8.8 seconds to about 7.7 (0-60).

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