1994-2001 Acura Integra GSR Whirlwind Intake Manifold


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Download Acura GSR Whirlwind Intake Manifold Part No. 59002 (Polished) and 59003 (Satin) For use on 1994 – 2001 Acura Integra GSR 1.8L DOHC VTEC. Preparation for Installation – 1. Make sure that there are no metal chips or other debris inside the manifold. Check that all bolts will run freely into any tapped holes. 2. Note that while this manifold makes provision for all vacuum lines and other brackets or parts that attached to the stock manifold, the vacuum ports originally on the front side of the manifold have been moved to the back for a cleaner appearance. This will require the use of longer vacuum hoses in some cases. 3. Disconnect battery and drain coolant. 4. Mark and identify all hoses and valves. 5. Check the condition of all hoses, gaskets and o-rings. Replace as needed. Use a new intake gasket. Honda #17105-P72-004. Removal – 1. Relieve the fuel pressure in the system by loosening the banjo bolt on the top of the fuel filter. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel rail. It is a good idea to replace the washers. Disconnect the fuel harness holder and unbolt. Disconnect the hoses from the fuel pressure regulator (FPR). 2. Disconnect intake hose/pipe from throttle body. Disconnect all hoses leading to the throttle body and intake manifold. Disconnect throttle cable bracket on manifold and throttle cable from throttle body. Disconnect the cables to the the throttle position sensor (TPS) and the map sensor on the throttle body. 3. Unbolt two lower intake manifold bolts that secure manifold to engine block. This bracket willl still be used to accommodate the heater bypass pipe. Unbolt manifold from engine block. Remove manifold, throttle body, and fuel rail as one unit. 4. Remove the intake air bypass (IAB) vacuum tank, check valve and control solenoid unit. Due to the different design of your new manifold, these parts will no longer be used. Do not removethe FPR hose. This hose will be used in the re-installation process. 5. Unbolt throttle body from manifold. Inspect gasket and replace if needed. Unscrew throttle body studs from flange of manifold. Remove fuel rail assembly from manifold. 6. From original manifold, unbolt and remove idle air control valve (IAC), intake air temperature valve (IAT), and o-rings. Replace o-rings if needed. Remove fuel rail studs from original manifold. Assembly – 1. Screw throttle body studs and fuel rail studs removed from original manifold into the new Power+Plus Manifold. 2. Bolt throttle body to new manifold. When positioning throttle body gasket, the U-shaped portion is in top left corner of flange. 3. Bolt idle air control valve, intake air temperature valve with o-rings to new manifold. Install fuel rail, making sure o-rings are positioned correctly to prevent fuel leakage.

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