How to bypass the VATS (PASSKey II) system in a late model GM vehicle


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DownloadPontiac 1994-1996 Grand Prix 1992-1999 Bonneville 1993-2002 Firebird/Trans Am/Firehawk Buick 1994-1996 Regal 1992-1999 LeSabre 1991-1996 Park Avenue 1991-1996 Roadmaster Oldsmobile 1994-1997 Cutlass Supreme 1992-1999 Eighty Eight/LSS/Ninety Eight/Regency 1991-1996 Custom Cruiser Wagon Chevrolet 1995-1999 Monte Carlo 1995-2001 Lumina 1993-2002 Camaro 1986(?)-1996 Corvette (C4) Cadillac 1991-1996 Fleetwood 1992-1997(?) Seville/STS/DeVille Any other GM Vehicles with the VATS or PASSKey II system (If your ignition key looks like the one pictured below.) Alright, let’s begin the madness: 1. Take your DMM, set it to measure Ohms (use the 20k setting.) Measure the resistance across the pellet of the ignition key. Place one probe on the silver part of one side of the pellet, and the other probe on the other side. Write this value down. 2. Purchase a resistor or resistors that add up to the value measured in step 1. Radio Shack is a great place to go for the resistors, heat shrink tubing, and the “bullet-style” solderless connectors. 3. Take the 16 ga. wire and cut into 2 four-inch pieces. 4. Strip off approx 1/16″ of insulation off each side of both wire pieces. 5. Put your resistors together in series (or if you’re lucky and have a chip that has a resistance that matches a single resistor) and solder one wire to one end of the resistor(s) and the other wire to the other side. Example: You measure 11.72 on the 20k (k meaning kilo or 1,000) scale. The closest match is 11.801 which is a #15 “chip.” Always remember that resistors have a tolerance of 2%, meaning the resistance value of the “pellet” can be either 2% higher or 2% lower than 11.801 k ohms (11.72 falls in tolerance range.) You will want to aim for 11,801 ohms. So when you go to Radio Shack you want to pick up a 10,000 ohm (10k,) a 1,000 ohm (1k,) and an 800 ohm resistors to wire together in series to achieve the 11.801k ohm value. Here’s an example of how you’d connect the above mentioned resistors in “series”

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