Engine Oil Leak On 1989-1991 Honda 1.5 & 1.6L Engines Repair Instructions


Filed Under (Honda) by Doe Namblas on 13-02-2014

Download The AERATechnical Committee offers the following information regarding an engine oil leak on 1989-91 Honda 1.5 & 1.6Lengines. Some vehicles that were produced during the mentioned years may have an oil leak around the spark plug well. The spark plug area of the camshaft holder casting could be porous and may leak. If normal diagnosis and repairs do not fix the above-mentioned concern, installation of a new cam holder kit, Part #041 01-PM3-308, H/C: 3046497, will be required. To properly install the new kit, removal of the spark plugs and valve cover need to be done. Upon removal of the valve cover, inspect valve cover rubber seals. If any signs of damage have occurred, replace rubber seals as needed. Turn the engine to TDC, remove the timing belt adjuster and remove the timing belt and rocker arm assembly. Check clearance between the new camshaft holders and the camshaft by coating the new cam holder with oil and installing them without the rocker arms and shafts. Install the required bolts and torque them to 16 ft/lbs. While using an INCH lb torque wrench, turn the camshaft and check the amount of force. If the turning torque is greater than 112 in/lbs, the camshaft holder may need to be polished. If the holders need to be polished, rotate the camshaft several times to establish contact marks inside the holders. Remove the holders and inspect for contact marks on the surface. Polish the marks with a #500 grit emery paper and then finish with an #800 grit emery paper. Wash the camshaft holder and install so that turning torque can be checked. If the turning torque is still not acceptable, continue with the polishing process. NOTE: Incorrect turning torque can result in camshaft seizure due to insufficient clearance.

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